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    GPP's AI marketing tool for small businesses will push e-commerce services, SERP Google rankings, and visibility. More customers will find you on Google search and visit your site, which improves your rankings as well and boosts your e-commerce services to collect more leads and sales.


     A very simple process brings you closer to your goals! 


    Sign up and get your AI MARKETING package. Shortly after that, you will receive an email from us where you give us more background info about your company and niche, and our AI software will start its work.

    We will assist you as long as it takes.





    1) how does our AI marketing algorithm work?

    Every algorithm is based on past information, meaning that essential information from your niche or industry must be first "fed" to the system. After that, the AI called AWAI will start the "learning process" to analyze your business, niche, competitors, and market and calculate the best strategy for creating visibility for your business.

    This is nothing new, but in the past, this has been done as market research by hand. We use our own sophisticated AI algorithm to speed this process up and lower the cost by nearly 100%.

    Besides the SEO with AI power, we are providing you also with high authority links with at least AD70+ which means high authority sites will be pointing back to your site. All this will be visible in our monthly reports.


    2) how do I know if my rankings on Google have improved?

    We will identify your rankings for you on the day of your subscription. Kindly let us know the main 3 keywords that are important to your business, and we will track the progress as long as your subscription lasts.

    Please note that ranking on Google is a constant process. Once you stop the subscription, your competitors may overtake you again. As you know, the competition never sleeps.


    3) how is it possible to pay as low as $299 per month?

    We know that we offer the best price worldwide, which is only possible since Artificial Intelligence is not asking for salaries and holidays (yet). However, a huge team of humans is working for you as well. Checking on your SERP and hundreds of other metrics to feed the AI with new information.


    4) you are in the UAE, so is it effective also in my country like the USA or elsewhere?

    The United Arab Emirates is the world's capital in terms of AI-Technology. You see maybe 2-3 times per month a Policeman on the streets of Dubai because, for years, AI is here a part of daily life.

    The UAE opened with the MIT (Michigan Institute of Technology), the first AI University in the world, based in Abu Dhabi. Besides that, we also have the world's first AI Secretary (Minister).

    We have in Dubai the best infrastructure worldwide to develop new AI tools for small business owners, which on the other hand, will help economies in their home countries.


    5) I am working as a mechanic, so will it also help my business, or must I have an online e-commerce shop?

    Our AI marketing tool will help every business that does not have millions of dollars to advertise its brand. To be clear, you must have a website. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find you on the internet.

    Think of it this way:

    Suppose you are, for example, in Michigan, USA, and you are working as a mechanic. In that case, you will have other business owners offering the same service as you do. Usually, small business owners start to create some crazy offers or services (FOR FREE!) to be different from their competition which often causes confusion, frustration, and for sure less income.

    The reality is that every customer (you included) is searching online first, of social proof. This can be Reviews, Testimonials, or simply your Google rankings.

    If you pop up on Google above your competition, you will have the trust of every single customer on planet earth. While this may not be the only thing for a buying or hiring decision, it is for sure the most important one.


    6) will my visibility be seen forever on Google?

    Yes, it will, but if you cancel the subscription, your rankings will decrease, and your competition will overtake you. Every company should have a minimum budget for advertising. If you don't have one yet, do it or close the company and work for someone else.

    Think about the following: even Coca Cola which is known from here to Mars, has constantly been advertising over the year. Guess why?


      Price Options
      Monthly Subscription
      $299.00every month until canceled


      Our customers' reviews and testimonials are helping us to improve our AI marketing, e-commerce services, and customer service. Please take your time, leave us an honest review and see also our Google Reviews.
      We will try our best to improve!


      Rachel Hunter

      average rating is 5 out of 5


      Signed up for the Business Angles program and hope to finally get an investment!! Surely easier in Dubai than elsewhere.


      Andrew Schwartz

      average rating is 5 out of 5


      I am now in my 4th year as an Entrepreneur and thought I had to look outside the US to see what else could be found. My first look was the direction of Dubai, as there must be a reason why prosperity is skyrocketing there every year. I am delighted to sign a contract with Global Partners Portal and its incredible owner Mario Radosavljevic. Thanks Guys!


      Paul Marais

      average rating is 5 out of 5


      SEO Marketing is unbeatable and a must for every company. Happy that I found an Entrepreneur that understands my pain points and can show me his own results of success.


      Amber Kristiansen

      average rating is 5 out of 5


      Love the site!


      Rick Sanders

      average rating is 5 out of 5

      SEO Marketing

      Top company!


      Ahmed Azizi

      average rating is 5 out of 5

      SEO Ai Marketing

      Great results! Thank you guys

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