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Why do we create AI business tools?

GPP (Global Partners Portal LLC) is a Dubai-based company specializing in AI development that helps create more SEO visibility and traffic to your website and social media profile. Both will increase leads and sales so you can scale your business to the next level.


We have some excellent news for those looking for Angel Investors to bring their idea or project to life! Mario Radosavljevic is a Serial Entrepreneur and Private Investor, and he understands both sides of the table. He has created 22 brands that have together a revenue of nearly $24 Mio per year since 2008.


All his experience flows into our AI software to increase business sales and get the opportunity to pitch to Angel Investors directly.


Founder Mario Radosavljevic is a private investor and serial entrepreneur who owns 22 brands and 25 companies. Because of his expertise, he was appointed Advisor and Chief Negotiator to the Royal Private Office Dubai. One of his companies has specialized in AI technology since 2010. With his expertise as an investor and entrepreneur, he has created a unique AI marketing tool to grow your business like nothing else.

Artificial intelligence is already more than 30 years old, and today it is more visible in the media than ever. It is impossible to imagine our daily life without it. GPP proudly introduces you to AWAI (Advertising With Artificial Intelligence). We launched AWAI in January 2022 with support from the private Royal Office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is one of the world's leading countries for AI technology. It even goes so far that MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) opened the world's first AI university in Abu Dhabi with the government of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE also appointed the world's first minister for artificial intelligence.

The UAE has created the world's best environment for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies specializing in artificial intelligence, and you literally have hundreds of thousands of private investors looking for the next big thing.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to GPP.


no money. no experience. but full of ideas!

Just like you, I was not blessed to have enough money or a source that could help me get started. I had no experience whatsoever, but boy, I was full of ideas and, most of all, motivated.

For months I was on the hunt to get a bank or an investor on board, but the process of searching, writing, calling, and waiting was killing me. I have everything but patience. After going to a car show in Germany and displaying a car that I modified with nothing but promises to those companies that helped me build it that I would pay them if I ever made any money, my journey started.

The car show lasted for 10 days, and I had 20 bucks in my pocket to eat and drink. I never thought 10 days would be that long...

At the booth, I was with 4 other companies, and I also promised to pay them the booth costs if ever any customer would say, Mario, let's do it and pay me. So it was more of a nightmare than a pleasant experience.

It was an old, more broken-than-working Corvette that I modified. Against all odds, I got a car loan without a down payment or any other documentation that would at least create proof that I am a customer that will pay this loan back.

I was so broke that my girlfriend and I were looking into phone booths for coins that someone forgot so we could buy a sandwich and split it into 4 pieces so we could eat now and a bit in the evening. And all this, weeks before the big car show in 2008 started.

The car had some widebody flares, but there were such big gaps between the chassis and the flares that you could stick your small finger in. Clearly, the company that built that was not really motivated to do this in better quality. I understand as I couldn't pay a single cent for it.

So I found an old couch on the trash court, and I started cutting all leather down to have some stripes, which I rolled into a string and glued in between the gaps. Looked horrible, but the first bicycle invented was also not a beauty. That's what I thought back in the day...

However, I was motivated and knew my dream MUST COME TRUE!

I named the damn thing C6.BlackforceOne to sound a bit like the US President's Airforce One, and I knew this thing would be a success if I was not totally out of my mind.

It was the show's first day, and my web designer called me and said I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?

Clearly, please, more bad news... as I don't have enough of them!

He said, OK. The bad news is: Your website does not work!

GREAT! I said to him. The only thing that could possibly bring me 1 single customer is also down. Can I complain? Nope because I did not pay him either.

So what's the good news? I asked him. Is your computer still working?

NOPE, he said. The good news is that your website is not working!

Aha. Great joke, I said.

His answer kicked me out of my shoes.... he said: " the reason why your website is not working is that over 40 million people were visiting your site today!"

Whaaaaaat?? How is that possible?

He told me to buy the BILD ZEITUNG, Germany's biggest newspaper that delivers daily over 60 million newspapers to their citizens, and I am on the front page with Angelika Merkel, the Swine flue, and the car C6.BlackforceOne.

They wrote: "

So even people that are not interested in modified cars visited the page. It was clearly too much for our server!

What happened next?

The next day I was standing in front of the booth beside the car, and two gentlemen approached me. It turns out that they were the general managers of Corvette Europe, and they asked me to become their house tuner and gave me a cheque with 250,000 Euros in my hands to get started.

Since then, I have found 22 brands, 25 companies and financed, to this day, 412 Startups.

My story can be your story. I did some awesome and crazy things but did not invent the bicycle. Success is a strategy and not being at the right time or place. That's nonsense.

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