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What are email marketing services? | GPP.

What are email marketing services? | GPP. An email marketing service is a provider that can help you market your brand, product, or service to end customers or resellers. The significant advantage is that you send your favorite presentation the way you want to people or companies potentially interested in your product. So you get more leads and therefore also more sales.

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The email marketing strategy depends on your activity. Still, in general, all email marketing strategies try to show your brand or product in the best way possible. In the same way, does Google work. Based on your search query, they analyze what could interest you and show you more products this way. The problem is the spam factor.


The question is whether email marketing spamming is legit. In fact, every country with a strong economy has a strict Spam policy and high fines in case of violations.

Are we not affected? No, because first of all, we use only HTTPS email addresses and safe Amazon servers for bulk email marketing services. This way, we don't spam others and have no problem in any country with the authorities.

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A good email marketing campaign usually results from more leads and more sales. The simple problem is that you can do so much wrong and then end up penalized with your website by Google and Co.

We are using Artificial Intelligence as the first company in the world. We have, therefore, the advantage that the communication between "the engines" is on the same level and therefore stays risk-free for you.


Our free email marketing service contains no cost on email platform lists, email marketing tools, or similar. We charge you simply $14.99 per month. All email contacts, partners, companies, and so on will be identified with AWAI, our AI software program. Once this is done, our machine learning software will learn and send emails to step in touch. Based on the answer or non-answer, the AI program will learn, adapt and pitch again. Learn more about it here.

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