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AWAI will find buyers, B2B Partners, and distributors for your online shop or business with the effective AI automated sales software. It is a smart technology that offers maximum possible accuracy in finding you the right buyers, affiliates, or partners in more than 64 countries from around the globe. Watch!

YouTube Videos.

Welcome to our YouTube videos page. Watching a YouTube videos to fully understand how much our AI algorithm will help you is often easier. This page is updated weekly.

If you are a YouTube fan, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be automatically informed whenever a new YouTube video is uploaded.

Founder & CEO


Grow Your B2B Business Income with our AI Algorithm Software for Export to make more money. LinkedIn and your Website.

Chairman Dr. Tomasz Zalesky and COO Dunston Pereira discuss with CEO Mario Radosavljevic strategic steps for the new AI-Algorithm Software of Global Partners Portal LLC.

15 Ways to make money from home. Cut Years to Months to Get Rich with the Money Stream tutorial guide on how to do it. Follow my advice with the 15 ways to make money from home.

How to start an online e-commerce online business 2022 part 1 is a guide for you in a series of 10 youtube videos to learn how to start an e-commerce online business in 2022. Sell on Shopify, amazon fba, cajoles, drop-shipping, and other e-commerce ideas.

How to start your e-commerce online business with no money and set up your website with a psychological structure.

STOP this LinkedIn Marketing Strategy or else! Your LinkedIn Marketing Bloodbath is caused by your own because your strategy sucks!

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