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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our FAQ will answer all other questions you did not find on our site.

1. Question: I would like my company to become a Global Partners LLC platform member. How do I do this?

Under the menu item "Membership" you will find our offer. Choose the offer that suits you best and order directly using one of the order buttons with a blue background. ​ 



2. Question: When will I be informed that my company has been listed?

Immediately after your registration. A personal, printable certificate will be sent by email, so you have your physical confirmation in your hands. You can then print them out. This way, you have a physical confirmation right in your hands. ​ 



3. Question: Is there an additional fee if companies from Dubai contact me?

There is no additional fee; this is our service for you, and you won't be charged a penny more. 



4. Question: How long will it take for my business to be visible in Dubai?

Our AI-MLS (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning System) categorizes your company into our back-end folders and prepares it for the weekly newsletter. We have over 400,000 companies listed on our website provided by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qsassimi's Royal Private Office and our own network we have established for the last 14 years. Our complete network will be informed about your business with our weekly newsletter, based on your chosen subscription package. ​ 



5. Question: Is there a limit to the number of companies that can contact me?

There is no limit to the number of companies you can get contacted from. After your member account has been opened, our AI sorts your company into a cluster/categories that fit your industry or profession. That's why companies in Dubai and the rest of  the Emirates receive your company offerings every week. The longer you are a member, the more leads you will usually get.



6. Question: What can I do to improve my business and start selling in the UAE?

We make every effort to help you to receive orders and sales in the UAE. Still, it's helpful to update your website and possibly your product and service pages. Help companies to better understand what You are specializing in. One of the most impactful things you can do is to create a merchant site with a login page that allows UAE companies to register on your site and see the resale discounts you offer. 



7. Question: How can I maximize interest in my goods or services in Dubai?

By joining the GROWTH or BIG BUSINESS membership, you get maximum reach on our platform. Entrepreneurs in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates also receive a blog post with up to 5 representative images of your company, which can also be found in the Google search engine. This way, they can familiarize themselves with you and your products or services.​ 



8. Question: Can you help with the logistics, and how does it work with customs?

We help you present your company and attract potential business partners. But it's up to you to use your local shipping partners like UPS, FedEx, DHL, or DB Schenker. Regarding customs, you only deliver into free zones. The company in the UAE will collect the goods there themselves because they have the required UAE trading license. You need a UAE trade license to import and sell goods into the Emirates. So all you need to do is to ship your products. Therefore, shipping couldn't be easier! ​ 


9. Question: What about VAT?

Selling to a non-EU country is very easy. Suppose you sell a physical product to another company. In this case, you have the delivery note as proof of "export" for your tax office so that you can issue a VAT-free invoice. If it is an e-product (download), you can use your invoice as proof. ​ 



10. Question: When can I cancel my Global Partners LLC membership​?

Cancellation is possible 30 days before the renewal of your membership. Suppose you have found one or more new business partners via our platform and now want to cancel. In that case, you can continue the business relationship with your new business partners. However, please keep in mind that your company will no longer be actively listed on the Global Partners LLC platform if you cancel. Further growth through new business partners via our platform can no longer occur.

11. Question: My company is a start-up. Does this subscription make sense for me?

Yes, it does! Especially in the beginning, you need every possible order. Creating multiple revenue streams for your business is the secret to more significant turnarounds. Never make the mistake of only being dependent on one source of income. If one earning strategy doesn't work (politics, pandemic, etc.), you still have other sources of income and never get into financial trouble. ​ ​ 



12. Question: What if the order from Dubai is so big that I cannot pre-finance it?

This kind of luxury problem is easy to solve. You have two options to fulfill a larger order as usual without taking the risk of pre-financing. 1. Request a Letter of Intent and go to your bank and ask for a short-term loan. We can help you with such a contract. ​ We recommend (most common): ​ 2. Make a contract and ask your buyer to pay a 30%-50% deposit by the time you complete the order and the rest before shipment or payment upon receipt. Whatever suits you better. ​ 


13. Question: Can I change my membership package​?

If you want more performance, your membership package can be changed to a higher package at any time under the then applicable conditions. 


14. Question: What payment methods does Global Partners LLC​ accept?

With us, you can pay with the following payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, and all other common payment methods except PayPal).

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