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Is Google My Business Profile Helpful for me?

Is Google My Business Profile Helpful for me?
Is Google My Business Profile Helpful for me?

Google My Business Profile should help you make more money, right?

The short answer is Yes it does. The longer answer is, not as you would wish. But why?

To understand this better, you must understand what purpose a Google my business or Google business profile serves. It should be a local guide for potential customers searching in their area, which is great, right? I am sure you have been through this experience yourself when you were looking for a restaurant or shop and typed into Google "Pizza Restaurant," and several of them popped up next to you. That is a great user experience because Google understands perfectly how to find what you are looking for in your area. But precisely, that can also be a massive problem for your business.

Why a Google Business Profile is maybe not be the best choice for you?

If you have a Pizza Restaurant, you will probably be happy with local results, but what if you have a brand and want to reach a broader audience? Exactly, Houston we have a problem!

Let's get some more bad news for you. Suppose you are in the United States of America. In that case, you have a massive advantage over other countries because of If you are, let's say, based in Germany (, your search results will be only displayed to a German audience unless your search result is relevant on a broader scale. However, being listed on Google's page one is nearly, if not totally, impossible for a German, French or Spanish site so guess how your business will do on a global scale against your US competition?

Oh, I can hear the smart guess saying, Mario, just do an English translation, and you will be good. NOPE, it does not work this way.

Why does an English translation of your website not deliver page one experiences with a Google Business Profile?

There are several reasons, so let's get through them.

When you check your website settings, you will see that your website's primary language and currency are locked for your country, like Germany, France, or Spain, to name just a few. So that is what Google will consider and list the site accordingly.

Secondly, it is also your domain ending. Dot com is still the preferred ending for organic search results even though you see some fancy brothers out there with .tv, .shop, and so on. But if it comes to user experience, Google will consistently deliver first what they think will be the best user experience. Usually, websites that end with .shop or .car or .tv are not what Google considers a problem solver.

We could go through a 25-page long checklist of what else is killing your visibility on Google, like page speed, design, stop words, and much more, but will this help you grow your company? Yes, if you are willing to learn all that, we can talk then in about 2-3 years when you finally mastered the basics Google wants from you.

What the heck is the solution if Google my Business is not?

You can sing and dance and start a career on TikTok, OR you can start marketing your brand and company with AWAI, which is, Advertising With Artificial Intelligence. It's the first of its art and will connect your business, besides your Google my business listings, worldwide with other companies that are willing to represent your brand and product in their country and area. Oh, the bad news is, it's super expensive. It costs $8.25 per month. Yeah, it will probably ruin you - Not.

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