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How will Online Content Marketing Boost your eCommerce Business?

Let us first give you the good news: if you do it right, you will see a difference within 1-2 weeks and generate sales.

The bad news is, if you do it wrong, you will kill your ecommerce store, and it will take much effort to recover from your mistakes. So let's start from the very beginning and see what really works.

A Harvard Business School study called "Beyond Pajamas: Sizing Up the Pandemic Shopper" covers the topic of a first look at how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted e-commerce apparel shopping in the US and the UK. Extensive analysis and interactive graphics utilizing millions of transactions show clearly that the customer's buying behavior changed utterly. So the question for us is, how to adapt to the new situation?

Running your eCommerce business as you did before does not work anymore!

Since the pandemic's start, customers have learned to use the ecommerce business offered on the internet. While before, they went to visit physical shops to touch and feel the product, they are used to ordering online these days. That is a Game Changer!

Because of this, millions of companies adapted and pushed their online business to get a piece of the pie. That is precisely why you can't run the show as you did before.

What is your marketing strategy for 2022 and beyond?

Resellers are the magic ingredients. It would be best to focus on shops and companies that resell your product or service. The two main reasons are:

  1. Existing customer base

  2. No advertising costs involved

So using your reseller's existing customer base is a game-changer for you because you simply don't need to be on the hunt for the next client.

Secondly, your advertising costs drop significantly. You can invest money in growing your business or improving your product or service. Makes sense?

B2B versus B2C in 2022.

Sure, the end customer is our goal, but because of the increase of over 4000% in online sales, your chance of getting new clients vaporized from planet earth, unless you are already a global brand. To answer your question, yes, you can reach new leads through Facebook and Instagram, but the CPC (cost per click) is beyond crazy. LinkedIn, as an example, charges a minimum of $18 per click on your ads, so calculate how much you pay on 1000 possible leads where you still don't know if they ever will buy anything from you.

The better way in 2022 is B2B sales, as you don't have to search for a new customer because you use the customer base of your new reseller. Finding the right reseller for your brand, product, or service is also challenging. So we recommend using AWAI as a connection tool. It is an artificial intelligence software that finds and connects the best B2B partners worldwide. Use it and create the turnaround you have always dreamed of.

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