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Business Setup in Dubai.

Business Setup in Dubai.
Business Setup in Dubai.

Business Setup in Dubai with Global Partners Portal LLC.

Global Partners Portal LLC will not only help you with your Business Setup in Dubai but also help you with many other services like resident visa, virtual office, and all other legal services. Our service does not end there, but just get started! Dubai is challenging for every newcomer, and here are some guides that will be important to you.

How to get customers after your Business Setup in Dubai?

The market in Dubai is very similar to the United States of America. Not only product-wise but also from the customer's mentality. People are, as we like to call it, " Americanized. " You will see this immediately by recognizing that nearly every third car is an American brand. You will see a European flair from the groceries to the restaurants, but it is served like in the USA. Very important in terms of making money.

Opening a corporate Bank account after your Business Setup in Dubai will kill your nerves!

In fact, over 20% of new businesses fail in the UAE because they wait up to 6 months to open their business bank account. Crazy? Yes, indeed, and you have only two ways to avoid this.

  1. The bank will ask you right on the day you apply for your company's bank account if you would like to invest in stocks, and if you say No, that's it. You will wait forever until you get any response from them.

  2. Another way would be to have someone who can accelerate this process behind the curtains without investing in any stocks. It will still take a bit of time but by far not as usual.

We offer such a service, and it will be part of your Business Setup in Dubai.

Global Partners Portal LLC is your door opener in every possible way.

We know how difficult it is to come to a new market and don't know anybody who can advise you what to do and, more importantly, what not. Getting partners or resellers in the middle east is not easy as the businesses here are used to having huge turnarounds and are very spoiled and picky in terms of new partnerships.

Global Partners Portal LLC is an official partner of the Private Royal Office of his Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Faisal Al Qassimi (Government level) and can open every door you need. We are appointed to help businesses and their entrepreneurs reach their business goals and become successful in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC states. No other company here can offer you the same service.

Making Money from Day One!

Global Partners Portal LLC also offers an AI-driven platform to help you find resellers worldwide and create brand awareness. Furthermore, we also have a program to find private investors in Monte Carlo and Dubai. To learn more about it, watch the short video below and visit

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Unknown member
Jul 15, 2022

Global Partners Portal is here to help your business GROWTH 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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