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So what are the best courses on digital marketing?

What are the best courses on digital marketing is what we cover today. It depends on what you value as best. If you ask me, the best advice comes only from people that can show me social proof that they made it with their skills and strategies and they should know about the best courses on digital marketing. Sitting in a room that looks like the backyard of Dracula does not show me that this guy knows what he is talking about. In many videos, they are talking about " this is how I made my millions," but they wear t-shirts for $1,50, and the rest do not look better either. They are talking with a confidence of a mouse that stands in front of a cat, and people like me smell this shit quickly.

Looking for advice from people who don't have money but advise you on how to make millions is the first way to kill any goal you ever dreamed of. Believe me, success is a long process that will never come in a shortcut. Once the wheel is spinning and your business gets momentum, you will have something like the sun shining on you for the first time. But you have to walk a long dark way to see the light.

So how do I can help you with the best courses on digital marketing?

First of all, let me tell you why I can help you with my experience. I had a very good life but lost all in the crisis of 2008. I was so depressed that I was homeless for 6 months and lived on the streets. I ate dog food to survive until one day I woke up and said, ENOUGH!

If that is the life that the bookkeepers want me to live, then fuck you, and everyone else thinks this is right. I need to help myself, so God will help me, and I made a decision. Being broke sucks, and I end this shit here and now and will do whatever it takes to spin my wheel of success again.

For me, it was clear what needed to be done. I don't have any experience of how to come out of this hell called my life, and I don't have anyone to ask what to do and what not to do to make it. My journey started this way.

The best courses on digital marketing is Life!
The best courses on digital marketing is Life!

The best courses on digital marketing is Life!

I managed some months later to be on a book opening on success. It was for free, and the food was not that bad. I saw a guy that looked successful, ruthless, and damn rich, and he was. This guy managed to open a cleaning company. Over time, he also managed to get some contracts for huge buildings and shopping centers. He made a turnaround of 100 Million Dollars per year. I was fascinated and eager to hear his story, so I stepped toward him and asked: How did you make it?

What he told me changed my life. He said: Young man, you already have the most essential thing that it needs to get rich, and I said, really? He said, Yes. You are not afraid to ask and learn.

The second thing you need is the guts to learn and try, knowing that the possibility of failing is far bigger than succeeding. But this is the only way to learn what does not work for you.

I asked, are there any best courses on digital marketing that I can go to and learn how to market my brand? He said, of course, it's called Life! He said there are no people in Universities that can teach you how to make money because if they knew, they would not work for a cheesecake and a Cola and teach others how to get rich. You have to speak to people that made it and learn from them. This is the only fucking way to make it.

I swear to God that's what he told me in 2008; I remember it as if it were yesterday. It changed my life.

14 years later, I have 22 brands and 25 companies, working as a business advisor for the Private Royal Office in Dubai, and have a turnaround of nearly 100 Million Dollars per year. If you ask me how you made it, Mario, I would say only by asking and listening to rich people who started their dream and made it. You will get the most honest and fear-pumping stories you could imagine! All of them have one thing in common, no matter in what industry they made it, but his one thing repeated over and over again. Endless suffering in the first years.

Fear, doubting in yourself, desperation, anger, hysteria, and all the other crazy words that let you think about suicide during the process. Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing you can do, and there are no fucking shortcuts. Persistence and curiosity are ingredients that you need to make little steps forward.

Here are some Videos I made for you for the best courses on digital marketing based on what helped me.

To make it a bit easier for you, I have created a YouTube Channel with the most important topics on how to start, what to do and what to avoid under any circumstances. It's 100% FREE and, believe me, very useful. If I had this support initially, I would go to bed with a backflip move that would be worth a separate video.

However, I give you free advice on the best courses on digital marketing that will help your business dreams. I also created some tools that hundreds of thousands of clients and I use to boost their business to the next level. Click the button below and explore the shortest way to your success. Thank you very much for reading, and I'll see you at the Top!


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