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15 Best Marketing Agencies in Dubai (2022/2023) - GPP®

15 Best Marketing Agencies in Dubai (2023) - GPP®

Marketing agencies have a variety of services, such as market research, advertising, public relations, digital marketing, ai marketing, and more. Many marketing agencies offer specialized services that seem to come from a science fiction film.

We will cover the best Marketing Agencies in Dubai and the UAE today, so you can decide what is right for you.

In this list, we will cover the best marketing agencies in Dubai and the UAE and upcoming new marketing agencies offering services off the charts. Besides the ai marketing and classical marketing comparison, we will also list the best "bang for the buck" so you don't have to rob a bank to team up and finally make this money you and your company deserve.

The second most important point here was to identify who can show real results in his own company and doesn't promise the world but can't deliver anything. Being listed in a top spot in a local area is easy, but if we look at how you compete against the world, we see who really understands the game. Let's get started!

1) AI Marketing Agency GPP® Dubai.

The AI Marketing Agency GPP® Dubai is clearly in the first place. Compared to all others in this list, there are several advantages all other competitors can or do not offer.

The AI Marketing Agency GPP® Dubai is clearly in the first place. Compared to all others in this list, there are several advantages all other competitors can or do not offer.

It goes so far that this AI Marketing Agency sold shares to the Royal Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi. It is the only AI Marketing Agency supported in the UAE by a member of the Royal Family, which must be mentioned.

The history of the owner reads itself like a Hollywood movie. Rich, broke and Rich again. He lost everything in the worldwide financial crisis of 2008/2009 but managed to become wealthy again just 4 years later and moved to live in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

There he started to work as a private investor and financed over 412 startups since 2015. He owns 22 brands, has 25 companies, and is also the business advisor of the Private Royal Office in Dubai, the UAE, and all GCC states.

Plenty of experience, we would say.

What AI Marketing Agency Services offers GPP?

This newcomer that was established in 2022 has been voted to be the best new Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai 2022. They are specialists in transforming your SME into online money-making machines based on their experience, network, and AI Marketing tools.


  • AI Marketing

  • Off-Page SEO

  • On-Page SEO

  • Local SEO

  • Contextual Do-Follow Link Building with DA 70+ and more

  • SEM and SMM

  • E-Commerce Services

  • Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and Instagram Ads

  • Press Release Marketing

  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Website Design and Analytics

  • Licensing (Food and other products)

  • B2B and B2C Marketing

  • Angel Investors (15,277 registered investors)

  • Highest paying Affiliate program in the industry

  • Prices per month are starting with $299,90 or 1,100 AED

In our best-off list, they have the most reasonable price/service offer, which is essential, especially for small business owners.

Another unique point is that the owner has been an AI software developer since 2011 and made a fortune by creating intelligent software for the Military. One of the most important developments was AI drones that could search and identify land mines in Bosnia still in open fields and hurt many children while playing outside. Many soldiers were hurt badly while searching the old way finding and removing these mines. As in every war, every time landmines are placed somewhere, the plans where they are get destroyed right away. Only the place is marked as a minefield, but it usually takes decades to find each one of them once the war ends.

However, he developed a unique AI software that helps SMEs push their business on Google and get a much better ranking and, therefore, visibility. This will cause more organic traffic and lower the advertising costs on social media. An immense advantage for every customer who gets a view on things from a Serial Entrepreneur and not only a Media Business owner who wants to sell you his service.

This year the UAE Times conducted an interview with the owner of the AI Marketing Agency, Mario Radosavljevic and titled this interview with "Is Global Partners Portal LLC the next Billion Dollar dot com company from the UAE?" - you can read the full article here.

Mario Radosavljevic says if someone wants to advise me on SEO and Google rankings, for example, he or she needs to show me multiple Google page one or Google place one listing. Not for "fake customers" but for yourself! How do you want to help me rank better and get more business when you are not able to rank your own company against your competition? That makes sense, isn't it?

Mario Radosavljevic managed to rank over 50 keywords on Google's page one and 18 on place one and collect the main traffic for these search terms. Visible proof is the magic word here, no empty promises! SEO is one thing, but if you don't know how to bring a company within 3 years to a million-dollar turnaround per year, you are simply nonexistent for the market.

Over 1,5 Million YouTube views in 2022 on ecommerce services, AI Marketing, Business advice, and Business strategies are making Mario Radosavljevic and his company GPP the most popular AI Marketing Agency in the Middle East.
Over 1,5 Million YouTube views in 2022 on ecommerce services, AI Marketing, Business advice, and Business strategies are making Mario Radosavljevic and his company GPP the most popular AI Marketing Agency in the Middle East.


Although they are a Startup in Dubai, the company has been running businesses in Monte Carlo, the United States, and Switzerland since 2008. The customer experiences on Google Reviews show overall very good satisfaction. As we all know, this is usually an excellent indicator for decision-making.

Over 1,5 Million YouTube views in 2022 on ecommerce services, AI Marketing, Business advice, and Business strategies are making Mario Radosavljevic and his company GPP the most popular AI Marketing Agency in the Middle East.

2) Amplify Marketing Agency.

The Amplify Marketing Agency is a very modern and forward-looking company. Specialized in creative design, innovation, and integration.

In the middle-east, they are already 10 years on the market and bring such a lot of experience to the table.

They're about us reads as follows:

Amplify marketing agency brings you over 25 years of marketing expertise, with over 10 years in the Middle East. Our team has a real understanding of client's objectives and unrestrained creative thinking. Our success has been built on the foundation of creative design, innovation and integration. Let us help you amplify marketing reach!

Alongside our creative and strategic marketing skills we also look to integrate design with technology platforms. Our access to Augmented reality, multitouch displays, VR and interactive displays can help you amplify your reach and grow your brand. Major brands have been trusting us to deliver and execute innovative campaigns in the MENA region for over 10 years.

What is really outstanding is, their passion for content creation in terms of outdoor videos and photoshoots. Besides that they offer also social media marketing and digital development.

Their services:

  • Packaging design

  • Website development

  • SEO & SEM

  • Gamification

  • Interactive displays

  • Mixes reality experiences

  • and more

  • Prices: Unkown


A very modern and innovative company specializing in content creation and marketing with an overall satisfied clientele.

3) McCollins Media.

McCollins Media is an Agency that, according to their website, specializes in mobile-driven results. While over 70% of users are approaching brands over their smartphone, only a fraction of it is making buying decisions on mobile.

The good old desktop is king, and this is true, especially for non-physical ecommerce services.

However, the company offers a variety of different services and is, according to its website, over 10 years on the market.

We are not really sure why they named themselves "McCollins" when the whole team seems not to be from Ireland or Scotland.

According to Google my Business, customer satisfaction seems average, but they have obviously more happy than unhappy customers.

Their services are:

  • Website design and development

  • Social media marketing

  • Performance marketing

  • Content production

  • Branding

  • Prices: Unkown


A very innovative agency with mixed experiences but worth talking to them as they may have some services that fit your needs.

4) Igloo.

Igloo looks like a modern company that is specialized in many things. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several services they offer.

They even offer a free consultation if needed. Their website is a bit confusing when you first visit it, but maybe you will get used to it over time.

They offer:

  • Local SEO Services

  • Branding

  • Websites

  • Social Media

  • Google Ads

  • Price: Unknown

5) GPS Marketing.

GPS Marketing is a company that can help those looking specifically for Arabic advertising. Also, on WhatsApp marketing and Video creation.

They offer:

  • SEO

  • Video Production

  • Instagram Followers

  • Photography

  • Animations

  • Radio Advertising

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • and more

  • Price: Unknown

6) Scratch.

Scratch is a company that is mainly specialized in Advertising and Communications. We are not sure how they do this as there is not enough information on their website, but their site looks modern and clean, although it has a couple of flaws.

They offer:

  • Graphic design

  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Photography

  • Webdesign

  • Social Media

  • and more

  • Price: Unknown

7) Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle impresses with a very modern website with many things going on while scrolling. The design is nice, but not sure about the user experience, as it detracts the visitor with all these fancy graphics while reading.

Usually, you should impress your future leads with your portfolio and how you will solve a specific problem, except you only offer website services.

They offer:

  • Graphic design

  • Inbound sales

  • Consultant guide

  • and more

  • Prices: Unknown

8) Nexa.

Nexa says that its primary goal is growth. We can only hope for them that the collection of 1-Star reviews is not involved in this plan.

They are offering a variety of services which are displayed on their website. We only wish their video background would be in higher quality and not so pixeled and the body content bigger as it is so small written that it's nearly impossible to read without your nose touching the screen.

They offer:

  • Graphic design

  • PPC Marketing

  • Video production

  • and more

  • Prices: Unknown