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DEAR GUYS! (1,5 Million views on my YouTube Channel 😱)

I want to give a warm thank you to all of you guys that helped me to grow my #youtube channel over the last year. In my mission, I gained over 1,5 Million views in around 17 months, not only to market what I do but also to give FREE advice to those struggling to run their business or those that just started.

Unfortunately, I did not have anyone to ask back in 2008 when I started, and YouTube was back then more for checking on car videos and stuff. It is crazy how this platform has changed and how many digital marketing tools you have to learn from.

I could say never lose hope; you will make it because it would be a lie. Business is a strategy and not so much hoping. You can't play chess and hope you will win the game. That's not how it works.

Business is a strategy, and Yes, it takes time!

Use the time while you run your business and learn.

STOP judging things at first sight, what is good and what is crap. People did this with me and told me straight in the face, brother, you will fail. And when I asked, why do you think that?

They told me in their endless knowledge: too many are already doing this, and they have something you don't have: #money

Guess how happy I was #lol

Today these experts are asking me for a job!

I will soon start to make more videos and hopefully help you build your income in a way that will make a change for you and your beloved once.

Until then, I'll see you at the top!


Gratitude overflowing! 🙌 Huge shoutout to everyone who's been part of this incredible journey. 🚀 Thanks to your support, my #YouTube channel has reached over 1.5 million views in just 17 months! Buying 1,000 real youtube views was quite effective.🎉 It's not just about showcasing my work, but also about giving back and providing FREE advice to fellow entrepreneurs. Here's to growth, learning, and building a supportive community together. 🌟 Thank you for being a crucial part of this amazing ride!


Jim Allsop
Jim Allsop
Jul 30, 2023

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