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Ideas how to export to Dubai.

Global Partners LLC Ideas - Bakery.


Of course, it does not make sense to sell your bread or cakes from wherever you are in Europe to Dubai BUT, do you remember the tasty cake recipe your grandmother made every Sunday? Sell this taste explosion to Dubai in the form of a License to Bakeries, Restaurants, or Hotels, and your life as an Entrepreneur will change.

Real Estate.

No other place in the world is more known for building luxurious real estate than Dubai. A culture of buying and selling luxury estates is part of daily life. Commercial or luxury properties in the United Arab Emirates are popular and quickly bought. It makes sense to offer your portfolio from the Côte d'Azur, Berlin, London or wherever you are, to Dubai's wealthy residents, doesn't it?

Global Partners LLC Ideas - Real Estate.
Image by Milan Csizmadia


You ask yourself why someone would buy tires in Dubai from you in Nice or Munich? Millions of luxury- and sports cars are driving in Dubai daily. The sheer endless size of the city causes high mileage and, therefore, the need for more tires. That's why we have a shortage of tires here. Be the one to offer your Michelin or Pirelli tires Online from wherever you are in Europe.

Car parts.

People simply love to modify their cars in the UAE. From face lifting to tuning, this is the Mecca of car modifications. No TUV/MOT or similar approvals needed - focus is on availability approvals or similar necessary, just the question on availability. If your Online Shop is serving Porsche, Audi, BMW, or Mercedes spare parts, to name a view, this is the new income stream you were waiting for.

Image by serjan midili
Global Partners LLC Ideas - Insurance.


Customers from the UAE love spending their summer in Europe, and guess what? They take their Yachts with them as well as their cars and jewelry. Usually, those items are not insured overseas, so an excellent opportunity for you to offer a tailor-made offer on how to get temporary insurance on those items. You see, everything in Dubai is created around customers service. They don't want to deal with huge companies. They want You, the small business entrepreneur that can serve their needs. Let's get started.


Artists are making our lives more beautiful and colorful, but they have a hard time selling their art. Suppose you know that the UAE and especially Dubai has the fastest growing real estate market globally; in that case, you will understand that art is desperately needed to change white walls into a relaxing oasis. European artists are celebrated here like nowhere else.

Global Partner LLC Ideas - Art.
Global Partner LLC Ideas - Fashion.


Young designers and fashion startups, if you want to boost your way up to the New York fashion week, you need first to be noticed in Dubai. Learning and experiencing what your future clients wish to, you can feel the heartbeat of a never-sleeping city like Dubai. The UAE is a place that is competing only with itself for the next big thing. Don't miss out on being part of it.


When it comes to cars, Dubai is beyond every other place globally. The wealthy residents are driving Bugatti Veyrons daily, which makes Oldtimers the perfect investment for this crazy car market here. Oldtimers can often be 50 times the price of a new supercar. In a country where residents pay up to  10 Million Euros for a special number plate, you should easily find your future collector.

Global Partners LLC Ideas - Oldtimer.
Global Partners LLC Ideas - Watch Collector.

Watch Collector.

When you know that Rolex makes only a few units of certain models per year, you will understand why it's next to impossible to get hold of those, like the steel Rolex Daytona. This is why the aftermarket for these beauties is going through the roof. In a market where Dubai's residents have almost everything money can buy, you will find yourself in a war for aftermarket watches. It should be pretty interesting for you, isn't it?

Organic Fruits & Veggis.

Organic fruits and vegetables are one the fastest-growing markets in the world. Usually, the producers are small businesses, and we need you in Dubai. Living and eating healthy is a demand that needs to be fulfilled. Since everyone knows organic needs time, you have an excellent chance to export to Dubai.

Global Partners LLC Ideas - Organic fruits and vegetables.

and a hundred more ideas...

Ideas how to export to Dubai. If you did not know how you could export your product, brand, or service, now you know. Don't wait because success is following a strategy. The number one thing that needs to be done is to create multiple income streams simultaneously. Do the same as the big companies do - just on a smaller scale!

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