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angel investors.


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Meet One of 15,277 private angel investors, and tell him personally about your vision!

How Private Angel Investors will help you relax, focus and benefit from their expertise so you can make the change you are looking for?

GPP® Dubai founder Mario Radosavljevic financed 412 Startups since 2015 while gathering an

Over 412 Startups have been financed by

our founder Mario Radosavljevic since 2015

our success rate in connecting businesses to the right Angel Investors is 93,7%


NEW companies using our services since Feb 2022



our investors are constantly looking for new projects!

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A very simple process brings you closer to your goals!

Sign up and get your PRIVATE ANGEL INVESTORS package. Shortly after that, you will receive an email from us where you give us more background info and your project PDF.

We will assist you as long as it takes.

business solutions from a private investor!

Mario Radosavljevic says: " I know both sides of the table.

As an Investor and as an Entrepreneur."


Rachel Hunter

average rating is 5 out of 5


Signed up for the Business Angles program and hope to finally get an investment!! Surely easier in Dubai than elsewhere.


Andrew Schwartz

average rating is 5 out of 5


I am now in my 4th year as an Entrepreneur and thought I had to look outside the US to see what else could be found. My first look was the direction of Dubai, as there must be a reason why prosperity is skyrocketing there every year. I am delighted to sign a contract with Global Partners Portal and its incredible owner Mario Radosavljevic. Thanks Guys!


Paul Marais

average rating is 5 out of 5


SEO Marketing is unbeatable and a must for every company. Happy that I found an Entrepreneur that understands my pain points and can show me his own results of success.

frequently asked questions.

1) How likely is it to get funded by angel investors?

This depends on several factors:

  • Is your project well thought out so that an investor understands the feasibility?

  • Have you presented yourself with enough confidence and knowledge to the investor?

  • Are you willing to go all-in and do whatever it takes to succeed?

2) Do you also have angel investors in my industry?

We have private angel investors from all industries worldwide, mainly from Monte Carlo and Dubai. GPP® covers all industries, from the automotive sector and real estate to artificial intelligence.

3) I am not living in Monaco or Dubai, can I still get money from private angel investors?

Yes, you can. Although our investors are mainly based in Monte Carlo or Dubai, we have investors from all over the world. All of them have the same goal: make more profit!

So to them, it does not matter if your company is in Brazil, the United States, Japan, or the UAE.

4) How long will it take until business angels answer me?

From my own experience as a private investor, I can assure you that this industry is very stressful for the investor itself. The reason for this is that besides running big and successful companies and dealing most of the time with hundreds of employees, they need to find time to read your project and all the details that makes it so unique.

I have sometimes received up to 2500 projects per month, and the only way to go through all of them was to build a team that selects projects in my niche and industry.

Too often, you pitch a person that is an investor but not active in your niche or industry. We use the newest AI technology to pre-select and pitch the right investor.

This makes it easier for the investor and his team and shortens your waiting time.

5) Why do you charge me upfront before I know if any business angels will ever contact me?

As you already know, you usually have only two ways of getting in touch with a private investor:

  1. Pitching thousands of people on LinkedIn or similar in the hope of finding the right person or,

  2. Going to a Business Lawyer and ask if one of his clients is interested in an investment.

In the case of number one, your chances are about zero to succeed. The reason for this is not that your project is not good. Still, as explained in point 4,) investors publicly showing that they act as investors will get bombarded with thousands of pitches monthly and die on their computers reading them.

The second option is the business lawyer, which is a good but expensive option. Usually, they have such clients, and a bigger law firm can give you 10 to maybe 15 clients that are looking for investments.

Lawyers are expensive; in this case, the usual fee for the lawyer is 6,000 USD/Euro and 10% of the money you get from the private investor or shares from your company.

GPP® costs only a fraction of it and does not take a single cent as a fee from your deal, no matter how small or big the investment in your company is.

join thousands of businesses that have started their journey with us!

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how everything started.


no money. no experience. but full of ideas!

Just like you, I was not blessed to have enough money or a source that could help me get started. I had no experience whatsoever, but boy, I was full of ideas and, most of all, motivated.

For months I was on the hunt to get a bank or an investor on board, but the process of searching, writing, calling, and waiting was killing me. I have everything but patience. After going to a car show in Germany and displaying a car that I modified with nothing but promises to those companies that helped me build it that I would pay them if I ever made any money, my journey started.

The car show lasted for 10 days, and I had 20 bucks in my pocket to eat and drink. I never thought 10 days would be that long...

At the booth, I was with 4 other companies, and I also promised to pay them the booth costs if ever any customer would say, Mario, let's do it and pay me. So it was more of a nightmare than a pleasant experience.

It was an old, more broken-than-working Corvette that I modified. Against all odds, I got a car loan without a down payment or any other documentation that would at least create proof that I am a customer that will pay this loan back.

I was so broke that my girlfriend and I were looking into phone booths for coins that someone forgot so we could buy a sandwich and split it into 4 pieces so we could eat now and a bit in the evening. And all this, weeks before the big car show in 2008 started.

The car had some widebody flares, but there were such big gaps between the chassis and the flares that you could stick your small finger in. Clearly, the company that built that was not really motivated to do this in better quality. I understand as I couldn't pay a single cent for it.

So I found an old couch on the trash court, and I started cutting all leather down to have some stripes, which I rolled into a string and glued in between the gaps. Looked horrible, but the first bicycle invented was also not a beauty. That's what I thought back in the day...

However, I was motivated and knew my dream MUST COME TRUE!

I named the damn thing C6.BlackforceOne to sound a bit like the US President's Airforce One, and I knew this thing would be a success if I was not totally out of my mind.

It was the show's first day, and my web designer called me and said I have good news and bad news. What do you want to hear first?

Clearly, please, more bad news... as I don't have enough of them!

He said, OK. The bad news is: Your website does not work!

GREAT! I said to him. The only thing that could possibly bring me 1 single customer is also down. Can I complain? Nope because I did not pay him either.

So what's the good news? I asked him. Is your computer still working?

NOPE, he said. The good news is that your website is not working!

Aha. Great joke, I said.

His answer kicked me out of my shoes.... he said: " the reason why your website is not working is that over 40 million people were visiting your site today!"

Whaaaaaat?? How is that possible?

He told me to buy the BILD ZEITUNG, Germany's biggest newspaper that delivers daily over 60 million newspapers to their citizens, and I am on the front page with Angelika Merkel, the Swine flue, and the car C6.BlackforceOne.


So even people that are not interested in modified cars visited the page. It was clearly too much for our server!

What happened next?

The next day I was standing in front of the booth beside the car, and two gentlemen approached me. It turns out that they were the general managers of Corvette Europe, and they asked me to become their house tuner and gave me a cheque with 250,000 Euros in my hands to get started.

the problem is the start.

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if you don't have the right source, you will be stuck in an idea.

My idea with the car's name was clearly genius, but if I hadn't received the backup from the guys of Corvette Europe with the fat pay cheque, who knows how long it would have taken for me to succeed?

Yes, I was risking all I had, which is why I fulfilled my biggest economic wish, to become an investor myself. Helping others not to struggle as I did and working on their dreams together was something that, every time I thought about this, drew a smile to my face.

However, in 2015 I financed the first Start-Up, and behind the curtains, I was heartbroken. I had to say to so many young entrepreneurs, No, sorry, I can't and watched the disappointment in their faces. Most faces looking at me told me, please give me a chance.

But the reason I did not finance them was not that I didn't want. I simply couldn't.

It does not make sense to give a Start-Up only money. Money is just a tiny part of the pie. I could not give them my expertise in so many niches and industries; I simply didn't have the experience. So if I had given them the money, I could not have been involved in getting my investment back and getting a profit on top. I would be more of a passenger instead of a partner or co-driver.

I will create the world's biggest investor platform for young entrepreneurs and companies that are struggling. This is how Global Partners Portal LLC was born.

Since I lived till Dec. 2021 in Monte Carlo, I had the incredible opportunity to move to Dubai and work there as a business advisor for the Royal Office. This opened new doors and even more possibilities.

Giving small businesses and start-ups the chance to get the money they need to change our world and an investor with the expertise to advise you and open doors to get multi-million dollar contracts signed. That is what you need, and that is what I have created for you.


the happy ending.

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since 2015 I have financed over 412 start-ups.


Over 4,700 companies have been using our services since 2022, making us one of the fastest-growing companies in the United Arab Emirates. According to UAE TIMES, we could easily be the next Billion Dollar dot com company in the UAE.

If you want a workout that shows results, ask a professional sports guy how to do it.

And if you want to write your own success story and help others, sign up and pitch your idea to an investor looking for people like you. This program is for all those entrepreneurs that are not active in my niche and are looking for an angel investor to get going.

My name is Mario Radosavlejvic, I created 22 brands, own 25 companies, advise the Private Royal Office in Dubai, and I have here all the tools for you to make yourself and your family proud.

Mario Radosavljevic

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor



Together with Christian von Koenigsegg, Aston Martin Lagonda Director Martin Reichmann, and Mario Radosavljevic.

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